Situated amongst the rolling topography, open fields and the densely wooded forest of Grey County, Rocklands Market is home to a wide range of local wild and plant life. The towering Canadian Sugar Maples, Pine, Cherry, Heritage Apple and Cedar surround the starkly contrasting angularity of the main building, The Black House. Once inside you enter a world of clean lines, mixed finishes, and locally repurposed design features.

Rocklands Market’s meandering trail system boasts several clearings, acres apart, that are designated for Live Fire Cooking, or ready to be setup as dining / lounging / entertainment opportunities for the event of your dreams.
Privately set far back into the woods, the tranquility throughout the property is the perfect setting to host your retreat or wellness event. The majestic trees, the fresh country air, and the calm will envelope your spirit while enjoying all of the loved creature comforts.
All landscaping and exterior design features showcase local salvaged finds that have been reimagined for function and aesthetic, bringing generations together.
The building and property both feature various energy efficient systems, including a backup generator to ensure your function can happen in less than ideal conditions. Our drilled well is tested quarterly and certified by Public Health for safe consumption.

Ample free parking is available for your event onsite.

Wheelchair Accessible

Rocklands Market is a fully wheelchair accessible facility.